Sharqi • My Orient
~ Album Design & Illustration ~ 
by Rana Zaher
Defining his work as Contemporary Levantine Music, Ghassan Sahhab constantly stresses on the idea of bending ancient musical rules without breaking them, such that the final result of his musical piece tends towards being revivalist, yet is overrun with the deeply personal and ingenious splendors of his musical touch. 
Having gathered references from all over the region, Ghassan sought to merge and expand on Ottoman, 19th century Egyptian, Persian, Kurdish, and Levantine Folklore musical lore. I did the same while designing his album, through delving back into the visual culture of each of these regions and their corresponding artistic traditions, mostly gathering my influence from Ottoman and Persian miniature art. However, through following Ghassan's steps, I made sure to bend the visual rules without breaking them.

Product shot by Rana Zaher, 2017. 
The outside cover of the album (front and back covers), along with the first inside flap (trees)
The inside of the album cover, the middle being where the CD would fit
The album title logo, progress and final outcome
                                                 A detailed closeup of the musicians
                                                          Preliminary pencil sketch of the musicians
                                                                                                              A3 poster of the opening concert event
                                                                                                          Illustration of the album CD
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