To build up the emotional connection with Chinese. We created this series of prints called ”LOVE TO PLAY” based on the Chinese traditional mascot “Four-happiness doll” . Four-Happiness doll has a history of 600-year. It uses two interconnected babies to create the illusion of four bodies playing in different positions, symbolizing ‘four happiness joined together’. We adopt the design and meaning to create an adult version of four-happiness doll, depicting couples making love in various positions when observed in different angles. Play in any which way you love just like them, and this is what you can benefit from PLAYBOY condom.
We shape the work with 3D modeling tech to demonstrate authentic and passionate facial expressions and muscle definition. To help consumers associate the scenes with products, we simulate the texture of condom when polishing the skin of characters. Dim light and neon slogan are also important elements to create a private and sexy atmosphere, here 3 colors of light represent 3 main products.
mcgarrybowen / Shanghai / CEO: Simone Tam / CCO: Jeffry Gamble / ECD: Danny Li
Copy writer: Shireen Zhou, Sihan JIn / Art Director: Danny Li, BingoXu, Lucky Guo, Huangzong Duan
illustraor: illusion, Bangkok