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    Character animation for Punga.tv
I did the character animation for the ¨earn points and get rewards¨ part.

Director: Facu Labo
Executive Producer: Patricio Verdi Brusati
Line Producer: Malú Rodriguez Arnedo
Animation Director: Gabriel Fermanelli
Art Director: Franco Vecchi
Design: Rodier Kidmann
3D Modelling: Franco Vecchi, Guido Lambertini
Character Design: Gabriel Fermanelli, Franco Vecchi
Storyboard: Claudio Iriarte
Character Animation: Leo Campasso, Dante Zaballa, German Merlo
3D Animation: Cesar Pelizer, Facu Labo
2D Animation & Composition: Juan Casal, Cesar Pelizer, Facu Labo, Carmen Angelillo.
Music: Daniele Carmosino
Sound FX: Daniele Carmosino
For Punga.tv