"One of the most original musical events in Montréal,this free festival takes place on Sundays, near the monument to SirGeorge-Étienne Cartier and in Mount Royal Park's surrounding green spaces. Acolourful gathering of drummers, dancers, vendors and their admiring audiences.For twenty years, Montrealers and visitors have come to play music and dance,or just watch and listen." That's how toursime Canada describes lestams-tams but trust me , it's much more than this .

Before continuing the project , search for les tam-tams dumont Royal on youtube to get an idea about the event , as mentioned , everySunday people gather in Parc Mont-Royal to share this energetic yet mysticalevent .

On the beats of the African-like drumming , people from all differentclasses , different races , religions , ideologies , backgrounds and agesgather to indulge in the mysticity of the music .

It's a unique experience and you'll notice from the picturesthat people - naturally - interpret it differently , some will dance , otherswill laugh , you'll notice that many people just close their eyes and let themusic lead them , as if it's a sufi ritual .

The experience aside from being unique is very human . Asi've mentioned , it gathers people . They all become equal and enjoy the momentas human-beings .

Let's encourage different events and activities that don't conform to themainstream culture and not condemn them .

Let's be different ! let's be ourselves !
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