This house is a private residence for a family in Binh Duong Province. It is both designed and visualized by A.M STUDIO, including architect Nam Nguyen and 3D artist Hieu Nguyen. The house has been built already.
In the day light, you can see the modern and simplistic of the house. The fascinating detail of it is that it does not have a closed fence, which creates a sense of openness towards the surroundings.
In the night, the light inside the house creates a warm feeling of a home where you long to come back after a working day.
In the pool view, we use a special 3D technique to make the light on the surface of the water reflect onto the surface of the stone-edge of the pool. This is a new technique we use for the archviz project to enhance the realistic characteristics.
You can also see the concept drawings of this project here:

After comparing the 2 versions, we think you would feel that the architectural visualization makes you like the house more.
The house is under construction.
Binh Duong House