Strategic Master Plan

The book 'Strategic Master Plan' was made in 2014 for Moscow Urban Forum. This conference takes place since 2011 and gathers urban planners, architects, researchers and local authorities to discuss problems of today's cities.

The core of the book is 10 articles about 10 cities which use Master Plan in their urban policy. Second part is about Moscow and how it can use the experience of other cities. There is also a story of planning in Moscow from 1920s to 1990s and articles of jurists and anthropologists.
Content of the book is mostly theoretical and dry. One of the main goals while designing was to highlight key points of research and make it more easy for non-professional reader to interact with the book. So there are large-size insets, article summaries and conclusions. More sophisticated readers who will need this texts in their practice can find there detailed footnotes, plans and schemes.

Client wanted the book to look academical, so it is printed in black & white and on thin offset paper. It is so thin, that you can see how text and images flow on next spreads. 
In contrast to the text block cover is made colourful with the usage of fluorescent pantone. Patterns on the spine represent graphic identity of Urban Forum conference.
Pages: 520 | Сopies: 1000 | Size: 60х90/8
Layout design: Valera Kozhanov
Design: Valera Kozhanov, Margarita Kurtser,
Phillip Tretyakov, Olga Yakovleva
Illustrations: Yulia Adelova, Ivan Yakushev
Year: 2015
Client and employer: Strelka KB
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