WYN.DESIGN (former MOBILSOFA) designed the show for NIKE's new women's collection. Nike's new women's Chrome Blush collection was launched at a grand event in Budapest, at the time of the world market appearance, in the Central and Eastern European market.
The Nike's new collection was the focus of attention with the timidity and astonishing contrasts of the presentation site that fits the novelty of the collection and the associated marketing campaign.

WYN (former MOBILSOFA) design and production team was commissioned by WOW FACTOR advertising agency to design and implement the event concept. The event hosted three levels of the Brody Studio in Budapest, which was in contrast with the rustic, ruined spaces of Nike's female product line.
In addition to the installations, WYN (former MOBILSOFA) paid attention to everything from slogans to flower decors and to choosing the style of the hangman, so that the message of the event would come back in every detail.

During the design and production process, the color scheme of the collection and the material used in Nike's concept were the guiding line. The main colors in the pink, beige and silver fine elegance contrasted sharply with the brutal, vibrant fabric of interior design solutions. Apart from the metal constructions, steel lattices and vibrant neon lights, feminine colors and fine light fixtures and gags all served the purpose of getting to know new products as a lasting visual experience.
The Smart Event System toolkit developed by MOBILSOFA and the space elements of SHANE with their illuminating surfaces and their material usage adapted to the event were also an integral part of the concept.
project info: 
name: NIKE CHROME BLUSH COLLECTION  //  Centran-Eastern European Launch
design agency: WYN.DESIGN (former MOBILSOFA Studio)
production company: MOBILSOFA
comossioned by: WOW Factor Hungary
location: Budapest, Hungary
completion: July 2017 

creative direction: Bálint Füleki
design & concept: NIKE, WOW Factor Hungary, Bálint Füleki, Máté Mohari
design team: Tamás Boldizsár, Hella Sarnyai, Orsolya Horváth, Zoltán Fehér, Máté Mohari
structure & setting: Máté Mohari, Gergely Kozma
project management: Csongor Varga, Nóra Aradi