ifun | news, v5.0 — App
After two years, it's time. And things are about to change: 
Update of the Push Notifications-App for ifun.de and iphone-ticker.de, premier german sources of information for all things Apple.

— 10.2012

— v3.0 compared to v5.0
See v3.0 (2010) for details.
— Batch processing headlines
— Loading headlines ...
— Tap (long) to share headlines
— Flick right to mark un-/read
— Flick left to remove headlines
— In-App tutorial
Not part of the final release.
— Swipeable top news section
Not part of the final release.
— Available on the App Store℠
— Microsite for launch
— Unfortunately rejected for this project: An icon you'll never see in the App Store℠