Founded by Pozitif in 1999 in an emerging neighbourhood in the heart of Istanbul to host the very best in progressive good music in an emerging neighborhood in the heart of Istanbul, Babylon transformed the city’s music scene, and becoming the city’s hub for international and local music culture. 
Originally started as an online radio extension of Bablyon, and quickly attracting a loyal yet niche listening base, Radyo Bablyon took the important step of becoming a true radio station as 99.4, emerging as a station that would both broaden their musical offerings and reach a wider range of listeners.
With this same goal we created communications in various stages both to cement the frequency 99.4 in the minds of potential listeners and also to emphasize Radyo Bablyon’s high quality and broad range of music.
The first phase of our communication campaign was lead by the "Babylon Turns Radio On” motto. The concept was that any time we hear great music, we let ourselves go, we surrender to the music.

Client: Babylon
Creative director: Onur Gökalp 
Art directors: Doğukan Karapınar, Emirhan Akyüz 
Copywriter: Özlem Karakurt
Project coordinator: Elif Abidinoğlu

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