Threads X Bespokify (UX/UI Case Study)
Case Study: Threads X Bespokify

Business Design That Helped a Tech Pioneer Disrupt Fashion E-commerce
The Challenge

Bespokify is a disruptive fashion tech company. They pioneered an automation algorithm that instantly produces custom-designed, fitted garment patterns based on 3D body scans or body measurements. Bespokify purely focused on B2B for the past 2 years. They recently saw a market opportunity for a B2C online pattern marketplace using their existing automation tech to create patterns for customers. We partnered with Bespokify to create strategy and design “Threads X,” a platform where entrepreneurs can easily start their own fashion brand without the pain of risking investment, managing an inventory, or fulfilling orders.

Project Scope
    •  Digital Business Strategy
    •  UX Research & Design
    •  Branding & Visual Design
    •  Responsive Web Design
01. Diagnose

Through a facilitated strategy session with Bespokify's CEO and team leaders, we uncover insights on the business, the users, and core problems to solve.

Business Goals

We discussed business goals around three metrics: awareness, revenue, and efficiency, and agreed upon these priorities:
    •  Generate revenue quickly with an upfront payment, e.g. a sign up fee or a monthly subscription.
    •  Increase awareness of Bespokify’s automation tech through Threads X, and in turn, increase leads for premium B2B clients.

Target users

To understand the users and ensure that we build a product they truly want, we worked with the client to create 2 user personas. The first persona was based on an existing B2B client who would prefer this B2C solution if available. The second persona was the ideal user group that Bespokify wanted to target. We brainstormed a customer journey for these users from brand awareness, engagement, loyalty, to referral.

Key commonalities among users:
    •  30–40 year old, mostly females
    • Want to become their own boss in the creative business
   •  No technical skills in fashion design or production
   •  Prefer visual-heavy websites with a simple learning curve
Brand Positioning

We captured defining brand attributes of Bespokify into a brand positioning statement:

Bespokify is a team of opinion-leading pioneers providing instant fitted patterns with no guesswork. We empower passionate and committed clients to make mass-customization the new standard.
02. Distill

Research & Analysis

Competitive Audit
Bespokify pioneered pattern automation and is the first to market. Still, there were many indirect competitors and brands with similar visual language in the e-commerce space. We identified these brands and performed a competitive audit to identify opportunities, trends and existing pattern language.

We included 3 main categories of brands in the analysis:
    •  Print on demand marketplace: Redbubble, Threadless, Represent
    •  Customizable fashion ecommerce: NikeID, UMd, Fame and Partners
    •  Pattern retailer: McCall, Sewaholic

User Research
We conducted 4 in-depth user interviews, with 2 participants representing each user persona, to understand their needs and thoughts on the concept. We found out that:
    •  Users did not like complexity. They want the brand setup process and purchasing options to be simple.
    •  Users wanted to feel like they are creating unique designs. However, too many customizable options are confusing and paralyzing.
    •  Users were delighted to learn that they did not have to invest in an inventory.
    •  Users were skeptical about the “perfectly fitted” garment claim and had high expectations.

The client initially provided some UI design of the original pattern marketplace concept. This concept let users code their own garment patterns from a bodice, and supplied them with thousands of design variations to make their patterns unique. After gaining more insights, we quickly realized that this concept was too technical for the target users, and the visual design of this UI did not represent the brand very well.
Finalizing the Business Design

We sat down with the CEO to refine the Threads X concept. We concluded that Threads X would be a platform for users to easily start their own fashion brand and sell apparels online. Users can buy pre-made, customizable garment designs for their store and start selling right away. Bespokify would handle everything from on-demand production to delivery to the end customers.

We proposed a “start your own brand fast track” as a solution to the client’s goal of ensuring an upfront payment while providing a delightful user experience. This fast track piques users’ interest by asking them to name their own fashion brand, choose a bundle of either 4, 8, or 12 designs for their brand, and checkout straightforwardly. Each bundle is a collection of a particular fashion style, such as romantic, preppy, sporty, or casual. Users would pay upfront for the commercial rights to sell the design (similar to stock resources), and they can freely sell them afterward.
03. Design

User Experience Design

Information architecture & user flow
Threads X was a challenging product to design, having  2 distinct user types and 13 main use cases, all connected to create an empowering fashion brand building experience.
The wireframes addressed the product strategies and brought the user experience to light.
Brand & Visual Design

Using the information on the users, the brand values, and the client’s preferences, we created 3 design directions. The client immediately agreed that the yellow/greyscale theme was exactly what they wanted.
We developed the chosen direction further into a stylescape, which showcased additional brand elements like logo, brand voice, messaging, photography direction, and sample UI.
Bespokify branding deliverable in the form of a stylescape.
Bespokify existing logo was a scissors icon, which represented garment pattern making and resembled a coat of arms. However, the client and our team agreed that in comparison to the new visual design, the logo looked outdated and off brand.
We redesigned the logo to be more geometric, proportional, and modern, similar to the visual design.
Bespokify logo evolution from the original logo (left) the redesigned logo (right).
04. Deliver

We integrated the visual design into the wireframes and edited the messaging and copywriting to reflect the brand voice.

Landing Page
The landing page (below) includes the value propositions, “how it works” section, and a clear call to action to start a brand.
Browse Designs
The designs section (below) shows apparel designs brand owners can browse, buy and customize to sell on their own online stores.
Launch a Fashion Brand in Minutes
Start a fashion brand bundles (below, left) includes a selection of apparel designs with distinct fashion style, for example, classing, indie, sporty, at a discount. Aspiring brand owners can quickly select a fashion style that matches their taste and launch their own online store in a few minutes. Users can see an example of what their store could look like (below, right).
Easy Brand Management
Brand owners can place orders for their customers (or customers can also order for themselves through the online shop) and enter their basic body measurements, which feeds into Bespokify's predictive API to create a perfect fitted pattern. They can easily manage orders and customers (below, middle and right).
What the Client Said

"Taime and the Six Atomic team have been critical to the development of a new consumer-facing web product for Bespokify. Their work helped us uncover insights about our target users and product objectives. Taime’s insights and product design expertise boosted our confidence in the product’s chances of success. She’s an A-player."

–Marc C. Close, CEO of Bespokify

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Threads X Bespokify (UX/UI Case Study)

Threads X Bespokify (UX/UI Case Study)

Business Design That Helped a Tech Pioneer Disrupt Fashion E-commerce