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    Prints using the silk-screen printing technique.
This is a gig poster for a show at the Ottobar in Baltimore, MD. Sharon Van Etten and Jen Wasner of Wye Oak (Flock of Dimes). The poster was inspired by a Sharon Van Etten lyric that says "Serpents in my mind, looking for your crimes."
The brain made from snakes glows in the dark. It actually looks pretty cool during shows up in the Ottobar. Featured on GigPosters.com
If it's not good in black and white, it won't be good in color. 3-color silkscreen print. The typeface was made custom for this poster.
During my time at MICA getting MFA in Graphic Design, I learned that a lot of designers have a few typefaces they absolutely hate. I found myself unable to hate any of the usual typefaces, like Comic Sans or Rosewood, but if there's one free font that is definitely overused (specially in Texas) is Bleeding Cowboys. So I chose to hate Bleeding Cowboys. Though it looks good when it serves its purpose (in silver, above).
This is an experimental piece. It combines several kinds of screen alterations during the silk screen printing process. The typeface is called Animal Black, it's my own design. I will try to make the font available soon.
Another experimental piece. Each color was added using a completely different silkscreening technique.
An early Spencerian Lettering attempt. I had originally drawn the lettering to place on printing aprons, but couldn't resisting making some posters as well.