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Thinking About Getting Certification To Be A Personal Trainer

I have always liked to stay in shape, however I found myself in a slump not too long ago. I went about a year without really pushing myself and working out. I would still do it occasionally, but I knew it wasn't enough. I managed to eat healthy for the most part during this time and didn't gain lots of weight. But my body felt out of shape and I wanted to start working out again

Shortly after that I started thinking about what I was going to do to motivate myself to workout every day. I found some apps on my phone and different ways to log my exercises. I got everything together that I wanted to do and I made up a workout for the following day. I couldn't wait to do it, but still found myself unmotivated the next day. However, I completed the workout and have been trying to workout 5 days a week now. I have been doing really well with it and every night before I go to sleep I get my workout for the next day set up. I have felt much better about myself and actually enjoy working out a whole lot this time around. I can see positive change in both my body and my way of thinking. I am really happy with the way I feel at this point. 

I was working out one day and started thinking about how much I would love to help other people feel good about themselves too. I was thinking of how I could do this and then the idea of becoming a personal trainer popped up in my head. I wanted to look more into what you had to do to become a personal trainer because I wasn't really sure. 

After my workout, I went online and started looking for how to get started on this career path. I found that there were several places you could get certified from and you could order the information to take the test online. The test is actually given to you for many of these certifications in a physical location, but the studying can be done at home. 

I looked over the various places you could get certified and finally decided to ask a friend of mine which certification was the best one to get or if there was one that was better than another one. They gave me their opinion on the different certifications and places to get them and said that they are all about the same and you can get certified through more than one. 

I am still thinking about becoming a personal trainer. There are some fees to get the materials to study and you also have to pay for the test. I am not completely sure that I want to be a personal trainer just yet, but I am considering it because I love to help people and want them to feel better about themselves.