UPDATE: Holding on to the Agent Orange name is somewhat important to me for this project. The name grabs a lot of attention, and is important in selling the underlying concept. However, due to the apparent growing prominence of DC Comics character the Orange Lantern or Larfleeze a.k.a. Agent Orange, I am debating whether or not to change the name.

The most important part of this project is maintaining story lines relevant to raising awareness for people who have suffered the effects of war, so the war time connection, and most other concepts listed below will remain the same, but a name change to the project overall may be coming soon. Revisions to come.
For those who do not know, Agent Orange (originally) was a toxic herbicide used by the U.S. in the early years of the Vietnam war. The goal was to clear out the heavy jungles of Vietnam to aid in visibility for U.S. troops.

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, Agent Orange contains the most toxic of all dioxins TDCC, which according to the Environmental Protection Agency, "is classified as a human carcinogen."

The herbicide had many other effects, and led to many diseases to both Vietnamese and Americans alike. People are still being tested, and facing the effects today.

The U.S. recently apologized for their involvement, and in 2009 Obama raised funding for dealing with all environmental and health consequences of Agent Orange according to CBS News.

In light of the U.S.'s efforts to right their wrongs of the past, I believe more can be done. Awareness of people, foreign and domestic, who have suffered the effects of war, including but not limited to injured veterans, homeless veterans, veterans suffering from PTSD, and more specifically Agent Orange, needs to be raised. Organizations that have been formed to aid in this effort need our help.

To do my part, and offer my skills and services to the effort, I have started developing a character:
These are the early stages of a developing a comic book. All I have really done so far is developed the concept for a character: Agent Orange. An underlying theme in the story of Agent Orange is taking ownership of things that try to harm you, thus diminishing their power. A simple example would be calling yourself a name that others use to try and make fun of you.

I've yet to write his story further other than some early ideas:

     Name: Troy ????
     Backstory: Son of a U.S. soldier who fought in Vietnam. Raised to be tough and resilient, yet humble and                             caring. Apprenticing metalsmith, skilled with tools and metals.
     Abilities: Acquired heightened senses, reflexes, strength, and invulnerability, just over that of a normal human
                   Carries a large stick that is broken down into two smaller clubs, and a metal ring on his chest, both of                    which he developed. (Further functionality of these devices to be determined)

Like I said this is very early development. A story needs to be written, and further development and refinement of the character needs to be done. In the far future however, if I can develop this into an actual running comic book series, my hope is that a portion of proceeds will go to the organizations that are aiding the aforementioned.

Here are some other concepts of the character in the form of book covers. This project will grow, slowly, but keep an eye out. Sorry for the daunting text, there is just so much involved here. Enjoy!