Cité Noir
Cité Noir
Urban Landscapes
Cité Noir is a series about architecture at night.
I just ran around,
and tried to find some spots, that look interessting when they´re just lighted by the available light of the place. Therefore one can say, that all shots were made by the "natural" available light at night.

While my photos are some kind of simple setted up, it wasn´t very easy to find spots without bright shining commercial signs and other interfering or too modern things and i tried to make the pictures kind of timeless. So i had to avoid for example parking cars  to get into the frame.
Also i wanted to concentrate more on the technical accomplishment like the shooting itself and the post-processsing.
this is shot in the red-light district of stuttgart. 0:26 am

i like a lot the look of cobble stone pavements at night.
in addition came the line and the gradient in the surface, that gave a leading line to the vanishing point. i wanted to use it to work out the slender character of the alley.
also i liked a lot the falling light on the three doors
another spot in the red-light district of stuttgart, 2:11 am
tried to make it a bit expressionistic, therefore the crooked angle, and i liked the distortion of the 18mm focal length and it looks for me as if the buildings just bend a bit over the viewer so i didn´t used any paralax-correction.

this is also the picture of my title, but this time with a bit more colour in it.
it´s an lindenalley in a park in my hometown celle, 0:51 am.
it´s called "french garden" (allthough the park is more stiled like an english garden).

i liked the cascading of the trees, and the lighting, with it lightlines on the ground.

again i used the vanishing point to make it a bit more interesting.
i could have tuned the shadows on the left up a bit too much, so there could be a bit noise,
but i think it´s okay.

another photo from my hometown celle, 00:07 am
it´s a very small, narrow alley in this town which is famous for its stud work houses.
once again, we got the cobble stone pavement, the vanishing point and i angled the view a bit.
stuttgart, 23:38
this i just call the house,
i liked the architecture, and the perspective.
thought, it looked a bit like an evil towerand you could even imagine an unhappy face in it ;)
Cité Noir

Cité Noir

Cité Noir - a photo series about architecture at night in the field of urban landscapes.


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