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    Animation for YCN feel good drinks
This was my 2012 YCN submission for the feel good drinks brief. I really wanted to get into calligraphic illustration and i found this to be the perfect project for that. The central theme of my design is based around the unique flavors that their drinks have.
The Brief
This competition brief from the Young Creative Network or “YCN” was undertaken as a third year self-directed project. The brief itself was a fairly open ended advertising campaign. The product “Feel Good Drinks” sought to beat their main market rivals “Innocent” by standing out and doing something a little bit different whilst communicating the message that their drinks are all natural and are additive free.
The main focus of the campaign was to create a campaign that centred on viral marketing through the use of YouTube advertising; six short animated calligraphy based illustrations were made. Each animation is 15 seconds long and would play before a potential customer would watch a YouTube video. Each of the six Calliagrams explains the virtues of the product by spelling it out to the viewer. Additionally posters and a bottle labels were designed in support of the campaign.
“The main challenge with this project was to successfully show the potential that YouTube and other online mediums can have in regards to advertising. Some of the YouTube channels that I follow have millions of subscribers and their videos regularly get a million views. With that in mind I saw a potential way for Feel Good Drinks to tap into an audience that their competitors are missing.”
Tools/Skills Used
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop