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    Website for RGU's Communication design course
Visit Grayscale at http://grayscale.org/
The Brief
The Grayscale website is the website that represents the communication design courses at Gray’s School of Art. This was a live brief that focused on the development and enhancement of the “Grayscale” website. Some of these tasks included content creation, promotional material or print based work. There was also an opportunity to redesign and rebrand the website.
One of the main goals for this project was to revamp the old website into a new one which better described what the commination design course was all about. One of the major aims for the redesign was to create a “project” space for student work on the website, as the previous iteration did not have this feature. The new website was developed using local hosting with Wordpress and XAMPP which was then published onto the web using Filezilla and PHPmyadmin.
One of the challenges with such a large project is the logistical aspect. Many people were involved and wished to have content on the site. Part of the challenge was negotiating with students and lecturers and making any need amendments to site content that best suited everyone’s needs. As such the development of the site required being very organised and communicative. Additionally content always had to be reviewed before being published onto the site, as such a lot of content had to be edited and made fit for purpose prior to publishing.
“This is one of my largest and longest projects, starting the project in February 2012 and finishing in June 2013. Having redesigned and republished the site in April 2012 during third year, I continued to develop the Grayscale website throughout my honours year. I was responsible for updating and generating content for the site, keeping things fresh and making sure that the site was well maintained.”
Tools/Skills used
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator