Tocan Mobile App

Tocan is a mobile application designed and developed to aid patients' with Cystic Fibrosis and their life transitions into adulthood. We created an online community where adults with CF can share life events and learn from each others experiences in a safe, positive environment.

We decided to create a mobile app that would allow CF patients and influencers share resources, stories, and life challenges. Instead of focusing on the clinical aspects of the disease state, we created an environment where users could be inspired and receive positive feedback. 

Userflows helped gain perspective of the overall pathways and navigational elements across the application. These were used as the blueprints for the wireframes and designs below.

The annotated wireframes below helped visually communicate on screen content while at the same time providing a blueprint for the design that was flexible, intuitive and to ensure the onboarding of such a large platform was as efficient and easy as possible.


Crafting the visual identity for Tocan was a challenge. Keeping in mind the target user faces the everyday challenges of a CF patient, we needed to strike the balance between clinical/serious and social/inviting. The custom-designed logo, icons, and bold visual style that would appeal to this audience - a look and feel that would be approachable yet not too whimsical. A mascot. 

The toucan and name was born from the phrase Together We Can, conveying the sense of community and togetherness.
On The Web

Designed and developed a landing page which housed the salient information regarding the app, an in-line clickable prototype and a demo video for the challenge submission.