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VR Fest, is the first Virtual Reality in Mexico, where an immersive experience of art and technologies coincide: virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. In this edition, we collaborated designing the identity of the festival, which we took as a challenge since we wanted to avoid being explicit, to create some distance form tech tendencies, and disregard the obvious.
We decided to explore new processes and tools, used new software to create volumetrics that represent beautiful physical environments around the world, like Vietnamese rice fields, Igazú waterfalls, or the mud volcanoes in Azerbaiyán. Once we had the renders designed, we added a synthetic color palette, to represent modern pop culture, and a strident colorimetry, easy to be recognized at a distance, applied to different materials.
VR Fest, a project that mixes two realities, the one where we exist, and the one that we will soon attain.

For more info: press@byfutura.com
Photos by: Rodrigo Chapa