So here is my entire process, decided to include my thumbnail sketch process of me drinking beer in ibiza while my girl is sleeping.
Yet again I have fallen in the trap of Talenthouse and their competitions. This time it was for the secual to one of my favorite movies the Kingsman! so this I really wanted to do. I had no time to execute this so if it looks a little more sloppy in execution, its because it is.
As always I have hand drawn everything, no tracing! The poster is drawn on a A3 paper from Purpurs using my blue and purple pens from Pilot then lined up using Copics multiliner warm grey and then coloring it all using my normal Copic cool grey series of markers. Final touches using 3 different types of white pens then having to add the logo and text in the computer made me clean up the piece a bit more and then made me crazy looking at all that empty space I added in the blueish sketchy stuff.
Hope you all enjoy it!
Thanks for checking it out.