Little White Lies Magazine Cover
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    Little White Lies Cover Magazine for D&AD Student Awards 2012 competition
Project       :   D&AD Student Awards 2012
Size           :    20cm x 24.5cm
Media        :    Linocut & Silkscreen
Awards      :   D&AD Student Awards 2012, Best of Year 2012

About :
This artwork was done to answer the brief from Little White Lies magazine,
which is to create an original cover illustration for the magazine, depicting the
main character of one of five chosen films of 201. As a group project, we chose
"Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy", a film that contains little action yet smart dialogues.
To replicate a vintage feel of a 70s film poster, we used linocut to create the illustration.
Only black was used in the illustration to portray the graveness. To Give the audiences
a different feel from the usual digital prints, every cover will be manually printed.
The Illustration was printed using linocut whereas the logo was
silkscreened onto the illustration.