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Sfelto - Ecoethic Sleeping System
Sfelto is a design project conceived at the beginning for a competition.
The aim of this competition was to design an object related to house that involves
recicled materials.
Investigate the concept of sustainability has led us to investigate the time factor.
The recycled material is a material that challenges time, able to "re-create" itself in the production cycle.

We tried to wonder about the meaning of time in living and we thought about a story: the story of our life, the story of a man who comes in, baby, in a house, and then grows and mysteriously become a man once again, creator of new lifes.
Why not think of an object that can attend man in this adventure?
The chosen object is the bed that attends a baby and a adult too. An object that take us to sleep and to dream.

Sfelto is the grandparents gift ... 18 felt blocks that Mom and Dad will make to build the cradle. The new born will pass his first, maybe
sleepless, nights on Sfelto.
We believe that sustainability means also to understand the significant moments we keep
within us ... so Sfelto will adapt itself to that child, now grown up, who has learned to sleep alone.
It will become the bed of the stories told by his mother before sleeping. It will be sweet to close your eyes and to wake up as an adult and decide that is the time to adapt Sfelto to myself, to what I have become.

Sfelto will attend as a single bed the boy during the times of his fragile adolescence, the timens when the personality is conquering his identity. We imagine that the room will live mood swings typical of adolescence.
Sfelto will still be a friend changing his colours with your moods.
If you Just want to transform yourself, Sfelto will transform with you just turning upside down his recicled felt blocks.
Sfelto will understand the love and the joy of sharing their bedroom with whom, like you, ihas found in Sfelto the object that has always accompanied him.
Joining the two beds we will find the intimate desire of generating. It would be nice if the grandparents will gift to your son the bed their parents gave to you! That is our idea of ​​sustainability: the time as an emotionally significant experience; the awareness to interpret and smooth reality.

Endearing is proposed as a current theme in a time when consumerism often weakens the bond with the object. We Know that the 18 felt blocks will be a convenience for your wallet, for your time and for the environment. That is certainly important.
We dream that they will be also usefull for your spirit.

Sfelto is a project developed with architect Francesca Giacometti and architect Matteo Mantovani

competition - La Casa del III Millennio 2009 special mention
exposition - Be Eco - Expo Casa Torino 2010

Sfelto brand
Sfelto in cradle mode
Sfelto in small bed mode
Sfelto single bed mode
Two Sfelto beds linked
Detail of the felt blocks configuartion in small bed mode
Short animation 
The felt block prototype
Sfelto - Ecoethic Sleeping System

Sfelto - Ecoethic Sleeping System

Sfelto - ecoethic sleeping system

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