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    A set of artworks I've made for the art gallery Glo'Art in Belgium.
A set of artworks I've made for the art gallery Glo'Art in Belgium during my stay there in June/July 2017.

The first composition is inspired by my trip to Japan. 
Polyester sculpture of Black Michi wearing kimono invites to his Universe of balance protected by lucky-pendants on the both sides and a three-layered painted wooden collage tells the story of his world:

Pink Michi is a creature symbolising your life way which is long, knotted and quite complicated. It has two heads because sometimes it's hard to choose the right way and you need to decide this or that. The big blue something is the universe which is unconstant as a liquid and consists of little black creatures - molecules. You think you hold it in your hands but it melts through your fingers. I'm always asking myself if we're responsible for everything that is going on in our life or we have a destiny. As you can see Michi and Universe painted in the same proportions which transfers my vision of an answer - the Balance. Probably we were given such a really strange thing as Life and 50% of Destiny and since then we are responsible for what we gonna do with that, but we can still have some help if we ask nicely.

Sculpture - posyester, 1 m height. Collage - 3 layers of cutten wood, acrylic, 160x120 cm. Pendants - wood, acrylic, rope.

I've also created a couple of artworks which are not related to each other and the previous composition

Canvas 140x120, acrylic paint, fake fur.
Wooden collage 110x80, acrylic