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Madrasah Muhammadiyah, one of the oldest institutions of higher education for Muslims in Tatarstan (Kazan'). In November 2012 he turns 130 years old. On this occasion, the management decided to update the logo. I gladly took up this job, because such orders directly related to my vision of what I have been doing calligraphy ..
This is the old version of their logo.
Trying to find the new composition..
Some calligraphic fun. :-)
Based on a logo.
That's great. But they still need a circle.
Ok. Let's take more time and make a circle.
Sketches, sketches, sketches..
That's good one..
Sending sketch for the client.
He like it. Nice.. Making the full line.
Client says "thank you very much" and sending me some gifts. :-)
I donno why they replace and modifed fonts.. But, ok. Their choice.
Thanks for watching and.. keep in touch! ;-)
Peace be with you.