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The bangs in the middle of the design beautifully decorated the face, more delicate and small. The big wave of fashionable wave hair adds an incomparably elegant temperament, the hair of the hair that is full of glamour is the hair design is with the whole modelling to complement each other, it is beautiful beyond words. Long, silky hair, with dark brown hair color is tie-in, make whole hair style has become the youth beautiful beautiful, and in conjunction with the bang of the air and can add a cute young girl, long hair sends out a unique temperament, perfect popularity. The slant of the Korean big waves very pure and fresh and beautiful, wonderful hair to roll become warped the outline of incomparable temperament, with a highly glossy brown hair color more natural charm, while air bang cooperation makes the whole modelling added sweet, very able to bear or endure look. Say this year big hot straight hair modelling, mo not too and shoulder medium long hair. The medium long hair of black is perfect to highlight the white of female skin color, and the liu hai design of partial cent adds the temperament of the brunette, and the straight hair length of shoulder lets hairstyle is more fleeciness, very good-looking. The wen wan's moving long straight hair, taking diagonal points bang modelling for the entire hair add color, elegant inclined bang clever and natural, match again with fashionable dye hair design, make the whole hairstyle looks contracted but not simple, very popular