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    FuelVFX was commisioned to design the look for the "Orrery" star map hologram in Ridley Scotts sci-fi movie Prometheus.
Prometheus - The Orrery / FILM
Design & Concept Art with the team at FuelVFX.
Director:  Ridley Scott
Production Co:  Twentieth Century Fox
Post Production:  FuelVFX
VFX Supervisor:  Paul Butterworth
Design Team:  Brendan Savage, Luke Bubb, Andrei Juradowitch
3D Look Dev:  Aevar Bjarnason, Roy Malhi
The Orrery interface is a star map hologram. Engineers navigate sections of the universe via sphere's (data clusters) and rings (dna information). The centre sphere being the focus which has magnified a point in space (our solar system) showing all its detail & data while the rings provide information relating to planet life. 
Above: Styleframe I created as a visual guide for the concept & its elements.
Above:  Orrery motion test by the 3D look dev team, used for motion design approval & reference when shooting on set.
Above & Below:  Alternative concepts for the visual look and feel of the Orrery.
Above & Below:  Laser targeting style cocnepts for the inner data sphere.
Above & Below:  Concept Art of how the planets could look.
Above:  Ring development for DNA outer rings and planetary inner rings.
Above & Below:  Inner data sphere / ring details / solar system with sumerian / alien typorgraphy on circular icons to illustrate specific clusters of data.
Above: The Orrery makes it onto the cover of Cinefex.
Above & Below:  Orrery final design and as it apears in the film.