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    A branding identity project for a fictional bi-coastal train compiled into a branding standards book.
For my Corporate Branding class we were given the task to create a branding identity for a fictional train company and a .  For the semester long project we were supplied with the name 'Lev Rail' and with the idea of a bi-coastal train.  Able to choose my demographic, stylistic elements, and manner of train-- I chose to fashion a high-end train that would be at the forefront of luxury dinning and at the forefront of transportation that travels at 400 km/h.

Below are some sample pages and cover of my Branding Standards Book; a collection of all the aspects of the Lev Rail company's identity.  The book is 12in x 12in and has 33 pages.

As well, for the project I created a complementary wine box that would be given to passengers as part of the branding experience.