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We proudly present our eleventh art pack, once again filled with top pieces created in multiple media by today's finest Spanish-speaking artists.

On this occasion, which is as special as ever, our artists had a technical challenge, which allowed for both conceptual freedom and coherence. What you are about to see will appeal to you mainly due to the use of color: "Empathy" refers to many things, but we have focused it on color relationships. Every work presented in this exhibition is based on the use of complementary colors, colors that are completely opposed in the color wheel. This has resulted in the highest possible contrast between hues, with combinations such as blue-orange, green-red and yellow-purple, as well as many more variants.

We offer you a journey that will show you the anatomy of color, the emotions it can convey and the power of joining opposites. This is a collection of awe-inspiring, visually striking, richly narrative images where everyday situations meet the magical and where empathy is the common thread. Here you will find a place it is likely you already knew.
Gorgon by Decrepitude
Nirvana by Aégis
Sumergida by UndeathRock
Swordswoman by Arkiniano
Scream by --M--
Mirage by --M--, Jcbarquet, Oscuro, Arkiniano and Dumaker
Desire by Liransz
Centaine Revival by Matkraken