Scholastic Kids

Scholastic Kids is an interactive web portal where kids can connect and learn more about their favorite book characters and/or series. We were tasked with simplifying the overall experience and to create a fun, safe environment for kids to engage with each other through community boards and chats, play games, and stay up to date with the latest scholastic news, authors and book releases. 

My role was leading the design of the following portal pages, where kids could interact with onscreen content and earn rewards, play games, chat with their favorite authors, and more. 
All Their Favorite Characters

The series landing pages are designed to make it easy for kids to browse through their favorite books and see related materials, including games and videos. Kids could add books to their favorites, tag them and share with friends.
You've Earned It

Kids love stickers 😍  so why not reward them with stickers and badges by accomplishing various tasks throughout the site. The more they earn, the more they come back to play games, complete quizzes, and share with friends.
Kids can share bragging rights within their personal portal, where they can display the badges and medals they've earned. A little healthy dose of competition never hurt anyone!
Mobile Friendly

All modules were designed tablet first, since kids in the targeted age group are on their iPads more than desktop or mobile. We were then able to focus on content rich features to help flesh out the overall experience, like on-screen interactive and gaming features which later translated well to mobile and desktop alike.