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    Halloween greeting card featuring a dinosaur wearing an Elvis costume. Oh yeah, and he has a cape. Need I say more?
For my Humorous Illustration class, we had to design a greeting card. I was really excited about it, and couldn't wait to get started. Then I found that I had no ideas. Wonderful. It was just one of those days where being creative is a struggle. After making some lousy designs, I came back to this sketch of a dinosaur I had originally tried using for my Cricket Magazine cover for Children's Illustration. I thought it would be a shame not to use this eccentric dinosaur guy in something... so he ended up on this card!

The week this was due was pretty hectic, so I ended up painting him all in one night. I even tried out a technique I had never used before, which isn't always the best idea when you're tight on time. But for some reason, sometimes procrastination suits me well, and I actually produce decent-looking things. This is probably my favorite project from the whole year so far. 

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The sketch on tracing paper. The kid characters were drawn separately in a sketchbook, scanned, and then photoshopped into the image so I could scale them down while still showing detail.
The final art. I knew I wanted to have a warm tone, so I did a wash of yellow-organge watercolor over the entire painting. Then I started adding darks with acrylic and added details with colored pencil. This was the first time I tried the technique, and I gotta say...I'm going to have to use it more often. 
The final art with type applied.
The layout for the outside of the card. Added some type on the illustration and included my new logo on the back along with a bar code to make it look legit! 

Hey, it's an actual card!