#SVOBODNIY Internet-shop is for young people, for whom there are no limits both in the way of thinking and in their style. Our creative team working on design of clothing tries to meet all the requirements of active youth. 
The clients of #SVOBODNIY are young people, who like adventures, who know trends perfectly, who like music and who actively use social networks and new technologies. 
Because youth, WE, are seeking for freedom, for spiritual freedom. It’s because for young people nowadays there are no limits. We are all free and able to do the things our crazy minds want to. It’s because WE wear whatever we want the way we want. Everyone has his own style. Free style. Because there are no geographical limits for US. Because we pack our backpacks and go hitch-hiking with a dollar in our pocket. Because we are not people of a country, but people of the planet. OF THE FREE PLANET.