Branding, Packaging and Web Development for Camille Beckman

A bold new look for America's favorite hand cream.

Camille Beckman is a family-owned skin care line with around twenty employees, based right at home in Eagle, Idaho. They are famous for their Glycerine Hand Therapy, a wildly successful glycerin-based hand cream with over twenty million jars sold to date.

With the coming of age of a new generation of shoppers and the increased purchasing power of the millennial generation, the marketing efforts and brand aesthetic established in the 80s and early 90s needed an evolution. We brought over 70 new products to market across three lines and successfully brought their brand back into the conversation. With brighter colors, bolder fonts, and stronger visuals, we bridged the gap between the Camille Beckman that their loyal customer base with an average shopper age of 55 knows and loves to a brand a 15 to 30-year-old women would stop and take a second look at.

Along with branding, we saw great success in putting together a digital marketing strategy using paid advertising, email campaigns and social influencer marketing. Over a one-year period, our email marketing efforts accounted for 34% of Camille Beckman’s online sales. In addition to sales, within an 18 month period, we surpassed our email marketing list growth goal of 50%, to an increase of 90%. That’s over 30,000 subscribers, being delivered advertisements directly to their phone at the click of a button. Return on investment for the campaigns in question landed in the 3,000% range on average.