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    Surf Dog Ricochet gets a new CR-V from the San Diego Honda Dealers
Ricochet is the world's only SURFice dog®, who provides emotional support and healing through the power of surfing. Her ability to make instant, deep, empathetic connections with the people she meets is simply astounding.

After years of helping others, Ricochet and Judy's 2001 CR-V had over 240,000 miles on it. So when they needed to upgrade their ride, the San Diego Honda Dealers were honored to step up and give them a 2017 CR-V to take them on every new adventure.

We made a short documentary about this amazing duo and their "Always Sunny Story" (which is the brand campaign for the SD Honda Dealers). A 15 second pre-roll teaser, as well as a 30 second TV spot, encouraged viewers to go to the SD Honda Dealers page to watch the full video.
The response was phenomenal. From local news stories, to online coverage, to Judy and Ricochet's fans on social media, everyone was touched by their story.
You can learn more about Ricochet and Judy at SurfDogRicochet.com

Cinematography & Editing: Bubba Durket
Sound Editing: Noah Balcombe