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    Square - a project of love
All things you can't leave behind
Thank you & goodbye - it's time to let go
Ego – should have never let you go
Cut - I will not hold on to you for another second
Growth – sacrifice is essential
Fear – I am just another chicken when facing my own heart
Onion love- the moment you finish peeling is the moment your tears dry up
Ladies - it’s fine to be weak sometimes
Apart – those who are separated will never get back to their starting points
Kiss – when the boundaries are crossed
Heart – the logic-breaking existence
Hollowed – stop praising for being loving
Wolf – appearance is always deceiving
Pink – the colour you left in my head
Sheep – cheated by the unexpected – appearance is always deceiving
Two – there is more than meets the eye
Hedgehog – wound which could never heal
Line – the invisible boundary of love we could never cross
Wind – even the strongest has its faded past
Wings (part.1) – set your mind free from your thought-to-be tragic past
Wing (part.2) - the thin line between freedom and chaos