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    Branding for Cayena Hot Snack, still working on it, name, brand and basic identity on sale!

This is a brand I designed for an school project last year. The goal was to create an icon and a basic identity for a fast food restaurant (on this case, a spicy but fresh food snack bar) based on the concepts of fun and spiciness.
   The icon came out from the way Mexicans use the spatula to fry the peppers we use for...emmm, everything. and also from a smiley spiced face. I honestly had lots of fun designing this because at first was pure experimentation, and it came out really precise.
   Even though this was an school project the process was still complex, I am still working on the icon, is available for use in the near future!
Above: Icon on various colors!
Above 2: a trama that came out from the icon. Maybe useful for napkins, linens or vinyl.
Down there: the logo before, and the logo after some changes.
Fonts used for CAYENA HOT SNACK are:
Santana Black and Bebas Neue for the subtitile.
CAYENA is an Spanish name and "hot snack" on English because is catchy this way and the restaurant was supposed to be on a very foreign populated area from Guadalajara, also because most of natives around the zone natives speak English as well and the word "hot" is extremely popular.