The Best Types of Heavy Duty Bicycles from Zize Bikes
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The Best Types of Heavy Duty Bicycles from Zize Bikes
Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, this is widely known and understood. There are people around us, who might not fall completely on the stereotypes of our society, but they do very much exist and they have the right to. The stigma in the world we all live in is, unfortunately, marking such individuals, targeting them negatively and failing to facilitate them in everyday errands and matters as they should be.

Zize Bikes, premium heavy duty bicycles and bikes manufacturers, have taken the first step towards eradicating and razing this norm by assembling bicycles for just about everyone and anyone. They offer bikes for over 300 lbs and even 550 lbs to a wide community in international market. They have thousands and thousands of customers, who love and approve of what Zize Bikes believes in.

Zize Bikes; an Introduction:
Zize Bikes, the manufacturers of premium and superlative quality bikes, are the first and only ones to take the initiative of, and follow through, providing bikes for heavy riders. They manufacture and assemble bicycles and bikes for people whose weight and issues have always rendered them helpless, and deprived them of cycling. The Zize Bikes’ heavy duty bicycles are one of a kind, impressive bikes of astounding quality and remarkable performance. Apart from bicycles and bikes, the Zize Bikes also provide necessary accessories that work with them Zize purchase to their tons of customers.

Zize bikes take immense pride in doing what they do and are genuinely commended for it.They have given hundreds of big people the precious opportunity of reviving old days and experiencing the joys of bicycle riding once more at an affordable cost with effective and flexible payment methods.

The Focus:
Zize bikes has focused, and continues to do so, on a very large part of our community that has been largely ignored by capturing the idea, and giving shape to it, of manufacturing bikes for heavy riders. Careful consideration and workmanship is invested into the design and working of each and every single bicycle at Zize Bikes. Zize bikes manufacture their sterling and first rate bikes for people of all shapes and sizes, with no exceptions at all. These heavy duty bikes suit the needs of people who have been rendered helpless when it comes to the physical excursion as well as the simple yet priceless delight of riding a bicycle.

Types and Categories:
Zize Bikes assembles two basic types of bikes for their increasing customer base  The Classic Bikes and the Electric Bikes are the two major assembly products of the Zize Bikes.  Both categories are top of the line and have been fashioned to give the best of results possible. The classic bike is classic, traditional and comfortable for every single person. It is completely manual with no electric component whatsoever.
The electric bikes, however, comprise of electric motors to aid the biker in pedalling on demanding and rough terrains. These motors, when switched on, do half the toiling the rider would have to do otherwise.

Other than this, Zize Bikes provides heavy duty bicycles of four main categories of both Classic and Electric bikes; 200 pound capacity, 330 pound capacity, 400 pound capacity and 550 pound capacity. Not only this, but each category then even further provides customers the option of choosing their Zize Bike in accordance to their height, ranging from five feet to 6 feet 2 inches and above.  This carefully yet expertly organised system makes Zize Bikes your perfect riding mates. Therefore, Zize Bikes truly meet the needs of individuals of all sizes.

Best Seller Classic Bikes:
Out of many top of the line and outclass bicycles, Zize Bike’s Day 6 Cycles and Worksman Cycles are only two of the best sellers of the classic type. It is impossible and almost a sin not to mention these. These bikes are durable, and capture comfort like no other. These bikes for heavy riders are unparalleled and have no worthy opponent when you take a look at their performance statistics.
With an extensive range of options for your own taste and preferences, these bikes provide comfort and fun like no other.

Best Seller Electric Bikes:
IZIP and Padego bikes are Zize Bikes’ two of the best seller electric bikes. With many options to select from within, these two series have captured the hearts of many customers by their smooth sailing. These bikes use electric motors with different pedal levels that you can adjust according to your own requirements and preferences, keeping in view the terrain you are riding on. Zize Bike's electric features have made bicycling less exhausting and more entertaining.

Classic Day 6 Bikes - Patriot:
At the cost if $1279, the Patriot classic bicycle from the Day 6 Bikes is the one of the most comfortable cycle that Zize Bikes has to offer to their customers at large. This fashionable bicycle comes with a full back support seat that allows you to recline back and pedal comfortably. In addition to the stem being completely adjustable for the user's preference, this bicycle consists of Tektro disc brakes for effective and efficient application. The heavy duty kickstand of the bicycle for supporting the bike at rest just seals the deal for many customers.

IZIP E3 Zuma Low Step Frame
This electric bike from the Zize Bikes costs about $2499 and completely justifies it through its abundant range of features. With a 500 watt and 48 volts motor, located at the rear of the bike, the E3 Zuma Low Step Frame of the IZIP series is actually perfect for you to take with you on rough and challenging mountain trails. The very much efficient motor allows you the opportunity of riding at up to 20 miles per hour even with 35 miles of battery range. That is not all! This bike also has an impressive 7 speed gearing system for you to set according to your own preference in addition to an LED display for all your statistics. The IZIP E3 Zuma Low Step Frame is ideal for riding at fast paces during mountain climbing.

Payment Options:
Zize Bikes gift their customers the luxury of choosing their own payment option from many to chose from.  From full and complete payment at the time of purchase to monthly installments that are more than affordable for everyone, Zize Bikes understand and relate to your need for buying their first class premium bikes without exceeding from your budget. What more could someone want? A premium bike of superlative quality and performance with flexible payment options sounds too good to be true. But believe us when we tell you that it actually exists at Zize Bikes, no where else.

The Return Policy:
Zize Bikes believes in aiding their customers as much as they can when it comes to matters of financial nature and other formalities. They also understand when you change your mind about your purchase because let's face it, they have so much to choose from. Therefore, Zize Bikes have an easy and flexible return policy standing for their every single customer. All you have to do is contact them at Zize Bikes and let them take care of the matter for you, you can more than expect them to get back to you as soon as they can and aid you in your concerned matter.

The Brighter Side:
Zize Bikes have affected the lives of many big people. Their heavy duty bicycles have not only brought back the memories of “good old days” for many, but have also proven to aid in weight loss, producing astounding and massive results through excellent working and performance. Zize Bikes not just motivate you to feel confident about yourself, but also help you lose some extra pounds by riding their bikes for heavy riders. They have been featured too many times to count, including on the Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition, for their fulfilment of the promise they make to you in concern with your weight issues. Zize Bikes have definitely made life easier for so many people and continue to do so by producing top of the line, premium bicycles that are everything you could dream of.

Zize Bikes are no doubt the best bike manufacturers out there, ensuring hundred percent satisfaction and only the top grade quality. They are largely centered on the objective of catering to the needs of big people. Their excellent workmanship and quality has helped them establish their solid reputation. Their selfless objective is what they are praised and commended for.

Zize Bikes are the best friends and cycling partners many did not have. They continue to bring smiles to many faces through their dedication and motivation, encouraging people to feel good about themselves and not letting anything obstruct them from living a life they are meant to.

The premium heavy duty bicycles and bikes for heavy riders that are designed, manufactured and assembled at Zize bikes have no worthy opponent. They are unparalleled, rightfully so.

Go get your Zize Bike today! You do not want to miss out on this.