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15 Day Content Creation Challenge w/Brooke Shaden
Day 1 - Calming myself in a safe place that is open for growth. 
Model - TheColbyFiles, Background - Johannes Plenio, Unsplash, Leaves - Maureen Older, DeviantArt
Day 2 - Emotion - Low self worth
Model by Cathleen Tarawhiti, Wings by Kozzi and itKuPiLLi_, Background by Kozzi, Particles by RawEx
Day-3 - Endings
Background by Brenda Starr - Flickr, Model by The Colby Files, Door by M10tje DeviantArt, Particles by RawEx
Day-4 - Spellbound
Background by Little-Spacey on DeviantArt, Model by Jlior
Day-5 - Broken
Background by Nadav, Model and Wings by Pixabay, Resources from Awake, incl. some Anna Aspnes' elements
Day-6 - Beauty
Resources from FoxeySquirrel
Day-7 - Time
Background by Little-Spacey, Boat by Dezzan-Stock
Day-8 - Potential
Model from FaeStock dA, Clouds from ChainBound dA, Mountains from Sergiba dA, Hillside from AlexanderHuebner dA, Ledge from FakeThisLife dA
Day-9 - Curiosity

"Head in the Clouds" Resources: FoxeySquirrel
Day-10 - Being Alive

Model from Nastia Osipova Stock dA, All other elements from FoxeySquirrel.

This image reflects the enlightenment and the serenity that I feel.
Day-11 - Diversity

Going with a 'hero-type character' is so NOT me! However, this was done, in part, for a PSD Box Challenge - 

PSD Box - Woman, All other elements from FoxeySquirrel
Day-12 - Pressure

When I was a young girl, I had terrible night terrors. Not always, but, often, I was dreaming of being in a body of water. I would walk down the street, past my fathers paint store, to a dock. At the end of the dock, was an elevator. I would take the elevator down, into the body of water. After trying to grasp the concept of an elevator taking one down into the water, I would get back in the elevator, a few streets down, and come back to reality.

Model from Ron Sartini, Underwater from EddieHaze, Fish from DavidBrinnen, All other elements are from FrostBo or GD06, both at dA.
Day-12 - Forgotten

Wondering where 'they' are. Always looking out the window. Waiting for the arrival. Anticipation.

Created using FoxeySquirrel's resources.
Day-14 - Flight

I will have to label this one, "WIP". I don't know where to go from here.

Model is Jlior, Castle from Montvalent at dA, Background from TwinBrush.
Day-15 - Growth

Last ONE! LOL I did it - finally!
This final image was a bitch! I went through so many translations for the subject matter at hand! But, rising up, with spiritual elements and peace were deliberate.

Resources: Model - MJRanum dA, Background - Distressed Textures, Birds - Jen Maddocks, Stones - itKuPiLLi, Nest - Susannehs dA, Textures - Imago, Caroline Julia Moore and all the rest is FoxeySquirrel - Textures, Ladder

Thank you!
15 Day Content Creation Challenge w/Brooke Shaden

15 Day Content Creation Challenge w/Brooke Shaden