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    This Project was done to create a range of Fabric co-ordiants for a print that i created based on the Eiffel tower,
Eiffel Tower, a historic landmark and an engineering feat, inspires awe. One gets a feeling of ascending octaves, of mounting strata till one reaches the highest note.
This project was done to explore and create fabric co-ordinates for a print design I had done inspired from the eiffel tower in Paris. The forms are inspired from the the grills on the arches of the eiffel tower. I used the technique of Layering and laser cutting and  to get that feeling of ascension in this project.
This exploration was an abstract expression of the positioning of the grills on the arches of the Eiffel tower, I have tried to create a gradation here to get the feel of the life and shadow on the tower.
Using the colors of my print of which these are co-ordinates, layering is done where the color only peeps in from the negative areas