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    YEAR 3 RMIT STUDENT WORK: A brief that motivates behavioral change. (repost: accidentally deleted project)
A hypothetical student-bonding initiative
Because of popularised social networking sites such as Facebook, students don't interact the same way they used to before the Internet became the centre of our attention. Even with the rise of connectivity, we don't always interact the same way towards each other in real life. 
Touch is a hypothetical app for iPhone and Android that encourages students to go up to their friends and hang out, complete activities set by the app, and accumulate 'Touch Points' that are converted into a cash credit. Whereby it's redeemable for products and services at cafes and stores that wish to participate in the initiative.
Home page
Features: Thumbprint recognition log-in, timeline of friends' activities.
Profile page

Features: Touch stats (total check-ins, points, available credit, etc.), personal activity with friends.
Adding a new touchpoint (check-in) to get touch points/credit

When you add people to your check-in, you'll be prompted to provide a code that uses your current location to validate you and your friends proximity. You and your friends will be notified with an approval code that is exchanged between each other to receive touch points that will be converted to a cash credit.

Bonus points are awarded when you add multiple a new friends to a check-in. No points are awarded to previously added friends. This way, students are encouraged to engage with new people in order to accumulate points for credit.