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    Digital Kiosk for high school students looking for college options.
Pima Community College Kiosk

The main audience for this kiosk was high school seniors and juniors looking for future college options. I partnered with SkoolLive who provided the kiosk and development, while I produced the UI and creative. Kiosks were placed in Tucson area high schools. When students walked up to the kiosk they are greeted with a short video that highlights PCC's student life and activities. After the video concluded the student is then prompted to learn more by going to the next screen which displays a short quiz asking the student what his/her interests are. Based on their selections the student is emailed a custom online catalog with majors that best match their interests.

The goal of the kiosk is to help guide potential students who may be on the fence about what college or major they are interested in.  The Kiosk was big hit with high school students! PCC received 50+ inquiries during the first week it was launched. The college was able to reach more potential students and provide a customize experience that brought value to the kiosk user.