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Silverstar Ultra 9006: Headlight having Style, Performance, and Safety
There is a variety of headlights available in the market for your vehicle. But one question is always there in our minds that how to pick the one which fulfils all the criteria like efficient lighting, economical, wider coverage, longevity etc? Here is an ideal headlight which has all the qualities that you are looking for i.e. Sylvania Silverstar Ultra 9006. If you are thinking to replace your headlights then this halogen bulb is perfect for you.

A Detailed Look
There are a lot of vehicles in which manufacturers prefer to put Sylvania bulbs. The reason behind putting these bulbs as stock in vehicles is that these bulbs are the cheapest of all HIDs or LEDs available in the market. The manufacturers of many automobile companies order these bulbs in bulks to reduce the cost. These traditional Sylvania bulbs do not provide an up to mark bright light and has got a yellowish tint in it. But now, this is not a problem anymore as the Sylvania Company has brought in the market its high- performance headlights i.e. Silverstar Ultra 9006. This high- end halogen bulb is a lot better than its ancestors as it has eradicated the yellowish tint, which was previously present in the traditional counterparts, to a great extent. Not only this, the Ultra offers around 50% brighter light than its lower- grade companions.

Comparison with Standard Performance Halogen Headlights
Not with the other companies, but if we compare the Sylvania 9006 Silverstar with that of the Sylvania standard performance stock halogen bulbs then one can see that there is a great difference between both of them. The Ultra range is far better than the stock halogen headlights as these give a whiter and brighter light providing you more clarity while driving. Other than this, the coverage area of light is greater than regular bulbs which make it easier to take care of the things on the sides of the road too. If we compare the longevity of Silverstar and standard bulbs then we’ll find that the length of light of Silverstar is way better. This enables the driver to easily dodge the things that we encounter on roads. There is a blue tint in the light of these highly efficient bulbs as it helps to easily highlight the objects on the road. This adds up to your safety. Hence, the company has done true justice to its advertisements. The ad shows that efficient lighting is really very necessary to be safe while driving.

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Safe driving is what Silverstar is all about :
Who doesn’t want to be safe on road? So it’s time to improve your safety measures with Sylvania 9006 Silverstar. It has got all the qualities that a headlight must possess. From extra whiter light beam to ultra visibility at night, it has everything that makes your driving safer. It gives a driving experience which is convenient and less aggravating. You don’t have to strain your eyes while driving. The brightness of these halogen bulbs is so good that you can see everything without any problem and can have a hassle- free ride.

The thing that makes the difference
What makes Silverstar halogen bulbs so efficient that it gives a tough competition to HIDs and LEDs? What is the secret behind the Sylvania’s bright lights? What is the thing that has made the difference? The answer to all these questions is here. Actually, over- time Sylvania Company has developed a special design of its filaments. These filaments are able to generate a light that can illuminate a broad area of the road. In addition to this, an apt mixture of gases is developed by the company along with a special coating for the glass of the bulb. This offers an amazing bright white light to the user. Each and everything, from filament design to coating, is taken care of during the manufacturing process which is the reason why the rate of Silverstar is 4100 K. This rate is much greater than the standard halogen bulbs rate which is approximately 3000 K.

The Key points upon which Sylvania Silverstar is standing
Sylvania is a world- class company which has always provided an up to mark product to its users. It is a leading company of products in relation to automotive lighting. It is manufacturing items which have got style, performance, and safety too. The products made by it are manufactured keeping in mind the security of you as well as your loved ones. Here are some points which have made the foundation of Silverstar Ultra 9006:
·         Authenticity: When it comes to upgrading your vehicle, Silverstar halogen bulbs are considered one of the best choices. This is because Sylvania has never compromised with the quality of its product and has always made performance its main goal. These halogen bulbs are an output of superior manufacturing process. This makes these headlights a prominent feature of your car.
·         Engineering: These high- end halogen bulbs of Sylvania are a perfect example of premium engineering. It is the design of these headlights which has made it possible for simple halogen bulbs to generate top- notch brightness. It is the specially built filament along with alegitimate mixture of gases which enables the bulbs to produce whiter light. Additionally, the Cobalt Blue Nano Coating which is put on the glass of the halogen bulb is the reason behind the removal of the yellowish tint and bright white light.
·         Performance or conduct: When it comes to performance then these Ultras of Sylvania has got no match as a halogen headlight. These bulbs are one of the brightest headlights when we are talking about down- road performance. As we all know that more the brightness of the headlight, better you will be able to look further. So along with bright white illumination, with these lights, you get longevity too.
·         Trendy and Classy: Everyone wants their vehicle to look stylish and adorable. The Sylvania Ultras not only provides you clarity in vision but also gives a trendy and classy look to your vehicle. These lights are so bright and white that the vehicle becomes the center of attraction and add up to the beauty of your car. The standard bulbs are not that much attractive as halogen bulbs. If you are looking to replace your stock lights then Silverstar Ultras are a nice choice as these will enhance the looks as well as the appearance of your vehicle.
·         Security: A person’s prime concern while driving is definitely the security and safety of him and his family. Now, you don’t have to worry much about it as auto lights is here to help you out. With its perfect blend of white light, wider down-road coverage, and broader side- road vision, this headlight serves you as a helping companion while driving. If your vehicle has got weak headlights then you are prone to the danger of road accidents. But with Silverstar halogen bulbs installed in your car, you will be able to look clearer during the night. Plus, the brightness of these bulbs doesn’t fade away for many years which is a good thing when it comes to safety.
·         Legality: Sylvania Company takes care of the necessary compliances while manufacturing a product. While offering a headlight lamp, a company has to make the product in accordance with the legal requirements and compulsory standards. The Silverstar fulfils all the standards which include ISO 9001, TS 16949 along with 14001 certifications. For the legal usage of the product on- road, the Silverstar Ultra has fulfilled all the necessary obligations of NHTSA, as well as, the much essential standards of DOT.

Merits and Criticism

·         The Silverstar is one of the brightest halogen lamps whose main focus is down- road visual clarity.
·         Another feature which makes these bulbs more advantageous is the light which is much whiter than the standard halogen bulbs.
·         The Silverstar Ultras are produced by Sylvania who is a credible supplier of OEM lights.
·         These highly- efficient halogen bulbs meet all the requirements and standards which are compulsory for lawful on- road usage.
·         The product comes with one year warranty which is a plus point.

·         The Silverstar Ultras of Sylvania has got a major drawback. The light tends to dim and lose its brightness over time. It is recommended to replace the pair of lamps after 2 years.
Overall, the Sylvania 9006 Silverstar is a nice, reasonably priced, efficient headlight lamp. So don’t wait and order it from Auto Lights 4 Less.