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    A teaser to get the attention of creative agencies and studios.
Self-promotional material
I wanted to send something that was amusing and interactive. As an amateur home cook and a design student, it was only natural that I shared my passions; something that showed what I was about. It had to be something that's non-perishable, excitable, and easy to prepare in an office/studio where my packages would be sent to.
Receiving edible treats is a universal language that everyone appreciates, especially creatives that are are glued to their desks in a studio the entire day with the need to snack. As a self-promo package, I designed and constructed a popcorn bag that could be microwaved. Alongside a sweet and savoury seasoning attached to an A7 preparation booklet.
The back cover of the instruction booklet is designed in the style of a business card, and perforated to be torn off as a leave-behind.