With Francisco in Portugal / for loyalsea
F R A N C I S C O  C I P R I A N O 
for loyalsea
Location: Peniche, Portugal
EQ Used: Canon 5D Mark4 + Sigma 24mm, 1.4 art
Model: Francisco Cipriano 
Francisco is one of Portugals most demanded male models. At 48 years old, his unique look is making him special in the crazy world of fashion. loyalsea, a young surf brand, was asking me for coming to Portugal and taking pictures of their "loyalists" - that's how they call the people contributing to the surf community in Portugal and all over the world. It is all about the humans who come together and are connected because they have the passion for the same thing: the sea, surfing and everything that comes with it. 
Francisco is one of them.
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