Who said school was boring?
Franco Cosimo Panini asked us to bring to life the colorful patterns and designs of the
Comix Flash backpacks, in order to create a fun and eye-catching promo for their new line.

Although color is an important feature, the main characteristic of this product is the led light. It is not only fun, but can be really useful in our urban environment, as we narrate in the promo.   
The final result is a bold and dynamic animation where geometric shapes, splatters and patterns, create the perfect stage for these products to shine.  

The true story about a boy, a bike and a backpack.
Client: Franco Cosimo Panini
Produced, directed & animated by: Happycentro in Verona – Italy
DOP: Federico Padovani
Editing & compositing: Davide Pagliardini, Erik Righetti
Sound design: TVCulture
Music: “Extreme Sport” by 99 Intrumentals