Ok so I have a secret. I love Reddit, and I am not ashamed to admit it. A month ago I was browsing my favorite news site and saw a post from the Reddit HQ letting users know about their upcoming bus tour. I read the blog and left a post in the comments saying I would of loved to have done the graphics for the bus (I thought it had already been done) lo and behold I get a message from them asking if I do vehicle graphics. Well, if you know my portfolio or me personally you know I have designed hundreds of vehicle wraps in the past ten years I have been designing for large format. So I told them I would be happy to mock up some ideas.

The first round of mockups was horrible as far as colors, design, layout, type. Everything about it was not "my style". You can see the first mock up I did below. Word to the wise, this is not how you should design a vehicle wrap.
Comp one, absolute crap design. Back to the drawing board.
So I decided to sleep on it. I only had a couple days to get the files from comp to print and time was of the essence. Unfortunately for me I was in a dry spot having a hard time coming up with layout ideas. After all, this thing is massive in size.

After some sleep, I sent them the comp below. Not great, but it's a big improvement over the first comp I sent.
Comp two, this time I went for the Russian communist style with the arched stars around the end of the headline. It's getting their, but I was still not happy with this layout. It felt to flat, to corporate, to staunch.
The third times a charm some say, and on this project it held true. After I designed comp two I took a long hard look at the design. It needed movement, it was to flat. The design was stale and not intriguing and it needed more. One of the suggestions from the Reddit crew was "Let's have one side of the bus red on top and blue on bottom and the other side blue on top red on bottom".

I have designed a ton of vehicle wraps in my day. Only a small handful of them I made the design go from the side to the back, to the other side and keep a flow. It is extremely hard to get a design to go from the side to the back, to the other side and have say a thick white line stay aligned for over 600 feet. Installation problems aside, its pretty difficult on the design aspect, specifically the back and the front. How do you get a curve to stay curved? You don't, it would never work. So I went straight on the back and front, it was just about the only way to get the design to stay aligned.
Comp three, success! They love this layout!

After several back and forths with minor changes the above comp was approved. I put all the sponsors names on it as well as gave Reddit the option to print out the wifi symbol in white reflective vinyl. I sent the final files over to the printer and waited to hear back from them so I could see some photos.
The Reddit team is ready to hit the road in style!

Some of the Internet 2012 bus pics are starting to hit Twitter.
Early morning sun shows off the bright colors on the design.

This aerial shot shows the legibility of Helvetica type from a very far distance. Still legible!
Passenger side
Driver side
And that about wraps up this wrap. Thanks for stopping by and checking it out. Appreciations and comments are welcomed.