UX: Virgin Money Fundraising App (iOS and Android)
Brief: Launch a Fundraising App for Virgin Money Giving (Not for Profit)
So, we were looking to launch an app to support Virgin Money Giving – you guessed it, with minimal spend! Virgin Money Giving is a not for profit organisation so every cost must be minimised in terms of design and development spend.

Through a series of user interviews with many colleagues who were about to run the Virgin London Marathon, we understood We looked at two common Use cases for using the app, and helped the BA team create some salient User Stories from those cases;

The fundraiser themselves - Create a page/See how much has been raised/receive notifications on the donations
The person who wanted to donate - In app donation/ability to search and find the correct page/deep links from social media shares taking them to the correct page/setting smart defaults of suggested donations

We firstly had a deadline to work to – the London Marathon itself…if we were late, we were late. I highly doubt we could have moved the event by a week or so! However, we worked with a well versed and respected third party, Monetise who were happy to help out and give their time and expertise in native apps to us.

In this project, I was in the role of UX support and having prior knowledge of Android devices was able to lend that to the task at hand. 

I created a wireframe of the onboarding journey in line with Material Guidelines. I incorporated navigation patterns in Android, with particular attention on the use of back button, as this fundamentally changes designs which were being produced for iOS alongside the Android version. 

I worked between the team working on the iOS changes, and aligned the main journeys so they were broadly similar, all whilst user stories came in and out of scope as the project started nearing deadlines. 

I also produced a full journey flow for the app and given how limited our time was, many features which would have ideally been included from the start needed to be described to future phases such as in-app funding for individual pages, which would have really enhanced the experience of donating. 

Much of the time, we focussed on an end state, and then re-checked the flow if certain parts were removed for the first iteration. 

As we neared completion, we looked to do a very simple Axure prototype, and having lots of fundraisers and donators in the office to had managed to secure some of the very coveted corporate positions was a blessing. I mocked up the basic functionality and Guerrilla tested it with 5 people, and made a couple of tweaks to iconography. iOS had recently changed their share icon, which we had kept for consistency on the Android design, however Android users failed to recognise the icon, and when asked how to share their page to Facebook as a task, were looking in the hamburger menu for a specific menu item. As social media sharing is one of the most powerful ways to increase charitable donations - we were happy to oblige.