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    Grass Roots is a book dedicated to changing the way we eat.
There's something incredibly organic about hand drawn typography. For my senior thesis this semester, I chose to embrace the requirement to create a 64-page hand-bound book and ended up branding the entire project.  Grass Roots deals with the everyday struggles we face when grocery shopping, cooking, and dealing with our health.
With hand drawn typography, there is a sense of imperfection and irregularity that I felt that went well with my topic because it eludes to imperfection that you cannot obtain with a computer. This is very similar to the idea that our food must be chemically ripened and/or pumped with chemicals to be enlarged or washed in ammonia and that the "traditional" farmer is a thing of the past. 
With Grass Roots, I had the idea to create a movement. I want change in this growing problem. The topic of food grew to be something I am passionate about. That being said, I wanted readers to interact with my book and feel inspired to change our food system. The book is wrapped in seed paper that when watered, will grow your own sustainable garden that can then be planted. This gives everyone who reads it a chance to evoke change.