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    Salla Estate wine label design by The Labelmaker, 2016 http://www.thelabelmaker.eu/portfolio/heraldic-label-design/
Salla Estate Wine Label – A Modern Heraldic Label Design
Salla Estate is one of the most interesting wineries in Bulgaria. It is located in the heart of the famous Provadiya Plateau Sarta, only 60 km away from Varna. Nearby is the Muhaliysko Kale medieval fortress. The place is really ancient full with many artifacts dating back from the time of Stone Age till Middle Ages – a good reason to think of creating a modern heraldic label design. The name Salla comes from the word SALIH meaning – “PURE, NICE, GOOD” – in perfect unison with the idea to have a winery cellar in the area. Also the pronunciation of “SALLA” resembles the movement of the tongue to the palate when tasting our wines. Due to its close location to the Black Sea coast Salla is one of the best places for white wines. It is also a winery where tradition meets modernity in every aspect. That was the reason for me to create a heraldic logo for Salla when I started working for them back in 2009.
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