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    A costume made playing card, made as business cards and regular playing cards.
Cash Cards
Self promotional playing cards

Consept: Selfpromotional playing cards that I planned to give away to cliants like a business card. I also wanted to make a vesion of the playing cards that is a sales object.


How do I set myself apart in a world full of designers? How do I make a deck of cards so interesting that people will buy it?
 Idea. I wanted the whole series to symbolize me as a designer and my opinions around the business. So I started with the symbols of the deck. 
Heart: It symbolizes that the art created in my designs are the blood that runs true my heart, and making it possible to live.
Spades: Symbolizes the craftmenship needed to be successfull in this business.
Diamonds: Symbolizes the price/pride you get by completing a well done project. 
Clubs: Symbolizes the danger of overworking, neglecting your family, and losing your drive and your love for designing and creating.

The animals was a big part of the project too, and they symbolized me. How I work, how I want clients to see me and how I see myself. The animal symbolism is gathered from jewish art symbolism. 
Scorpion: Symbolizes the fire within. The passion.
Bear: Symbolises the strength once got by excelling in the business. It also symbolizes me protecting my family and kids. 
Snake: Symbolizes durability, adaptability and the abillity to wait for å good thing to come.
Raven: Symbolizes the sense of freedom I feel when I design, and a collector of beautiful things.

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Tommy Cash