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    Mind Iteration
Sometimes you go through phases were something new comes to your mind and takes over. You start to question whether the new thought is something to hold on to or something to let go of. You decide whether it is good for you or something that should be molded to suit your taste more or even to throw away.

This was an interesting one. First started with a specific idea in mind but soon it started to feel that it wasn’t going to the direction I wanted. Then came the urge to try new rendering technique. It’s funny how always other artists works are influencing so much. So much that you could even begin to draw in a almost completely different style. With this piece there was a lot of back and forth drawing and style pondering but finally I got my head together and got it to completion. I am very happy with the end piece. I learned a lot and have a new mindset for the upcoming pieces. Keepin' it creative! Even though it’s far from easy.
Process on how this piece was created and this time it was a long one.
Different color schemes to choose from and have to say this might be one of the best phases there is. So many options to choose from and all look very nice to my eyes. This is the phase where you can try many different approaches and choose the one that is going to the place where you want to go. This phase is also a very difficult one as I would like to choose more than one scheme but there always has to be that one selected to go to the end with. 

"What scheme would you pick, leave a comment below with a number and do also give feedback on why you chose that particular scheme."
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