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    It's not you, it's me.
Relationships change with time. ⌛️

Everything changes as time progresses. The person you are today is different from who you were in the past because at any given moment you are the sum total of all your previous experiences. Since a primary relationship, such as a marriage, is considered a separate entity, it too changes with time and accumulated experiences.

And sometimes experience push people to take separate ways. 🔀

That's why I'm migrating the portfolio to 

(click, it's a link) 👆

Come take a look at the new house, and bring guests. 
You're all welcome. 🎉

Behance, we've come a long way together, and I'm sure the road ahead is still long for both of us, but I had to take a different route. We may cross again our roads together one day, who knows.

Thanks for these eight amazing years, and goodbye.  👋


That's my last project soundtrack, some of you hated them, some others not. They were always an expression of my feelings towards the projects, to make you feel like I felt. To build an experience, together. Never to bother.
Enjoy, it's sad, but the title fits well the case. Bye bye again 🙏